Xmatkuil…Yucatan’s State Fair

I got up early this morning and headed outside of the city limits to Merida’s yearly state fair, Xmatkuil. I love going to the state fair here in the Yucatan, it reminds me of the fairs when I was young. It is like stepping back in time. I hope you will enjoy these photos as much as I did taking them for you. The different smell, taste. The candied pecans were out of this world. I love the Mexican pottery and seem to find away to buy another pot each year for my kitchen. If you have never cooked in a clay pot, you are missing out. The cows and bulls are one of the main highlight of the fair each year. Sometimes a bull or cow is all that a family may own, and to be able to have it shown in the state fair is a really big deal. But what I want you to notice the most is the colors…it is a feast for your eyes…colors everywhere. In the candy, the clothes and hand made crafts. Mexico is a country of bright colors and no place better to see that than at the state fair.