We Do More

Before the Sale

  • We take the time to get to know you. ┬áThen we can find the best match for you
  • We’ll chat before you arrive. We’ll to anyone anywhere in the world – Europe/Canada/USA we don’t care!
  • We educate you so you will make informed decisions
  • We recommend places to stay, sights to visit and help you understand the city.

During The Sale

  • We’ll take you to extra places to add context to your potential home
  • We show you around so you get to know the city
  • We find out your interests and help you find similar things here
  • We’ll go the extra mile to help you find your home

After the Sale

  • Long after the ink dries, we are still here
  • We help with staff and finding tradespeople
  • We help you settle in and deal with day to day issues
  • We can help with immigration and shipping