$265,000 Quinta/Ranch


More Information

 There are 2.5 hectares, all bordered by walls on this property. The house of 10 x 15. It has two rooms, a kitchen and bathroom, there is also a loft that measures  6 x 15. There is a swimming pool that is 7 by 5, 2 meters depth,There are three wells on the property. There is city water to the property,  telephone with internet and cable TV. There are two electricity meters for the house, one for 110 and one for 220. There was an old cenote at one time now out of service  for more than 20 years.

Note There is an aerial photo to show the wall. The one painted in yellow color is masonry of 1.5 meters in height and what that is colored red is 2.5 meters and made of block.