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(The pheasant, Noh Itzá)

Property denominated in its origin “Noh – Itza” (Great Itza in Mayan Language), corresponding to the locality of “Libre Union”, Yucatan, Mexico.

Access: Federal Road Merida – Chichen Itza – Cancun.

State: Yucatan, Mexico.

Location: Between the City of Merida (one hour away) and Cancun (two hours away).

JUST 10 MINUTES from the World Famous Mayan city of Chichen Itza, recently named as one of the seven new wonders of the world!!

Just 10 minutes from Chichen Itza’s International airport and 10 minutes from the New Museum “Palace of Maya Civilization”

Extension: 487.26 hectares. (1,204.045 Acre) (52,448,229.896 Ft2)

Private Property Title. All the papers in order.



18.5 Km from Chichen Iztá.

33.5 Km from Chichen Itza International Airport.

45 Km  from Izamal (Magic Town).

60 Km from Valladolid.

100 Km from Mérida

105 Km from Tizimín.

200 Kms from Cancún.

– – – History – – – –

In its most recent stage, it was developed as a Livestock and beekeeping ranch, its avant-garde trajectory occupies a preponderant place in the history of the state. Founding livestock farm, one of them being the Xmatkuil Fair, emphasizing in the breeding of bovine cattle conquering for many decades many national and international championships.


From its remote past, this country estate inherits its name from before the Spanish contact in the Peninsula. This according to a published article by Alexander Wolfgang Voss, who takes the reference from the edition of “The Relations of Yucatan” of Diego de Landa edited by Tozzer in 1941.

Perhaps that is why; in its whole extension you can see vestiges of Mayan pre Hispanic edifications. Additionally, because of its name: Noha Itza, which means Gran Itza and its closeness to Chichen Itza (since it is a few kilometers from the archaeological zone that recently received the distinction of “Wonder of the World”), we can infer the historical and mythical importance this property which is situated in the heart of Yucatan.

The entrance to the property is a beautiful route that enters into the depth of the Mayan jungle and transports us to a magical place, since the access road is surrounded by trees and vegetation, where you can listen to the birds sing and you can also observe at times various animals from the place’s fauna, such as deer, ant eaters, squirrels, various species of birds, among others that makes us feel in direct contact with nature, which produces us a pleasant feeling that we are far away from daily life stress and transports us to a state of peace and tranquility.

In it we can admire its installations, like its farmstead in where it can be observed its stone edifications and the thickness of the walls, one meter thick, like an old water wheel, the vestiges of the chapel and the arches that beautify it. Although it was not until the XIX Century when it is registered in the history books, in the period of the Caste Wars as it can be read in the treaty of “The Revolutions of Yucatan” from the historian Serapio Baquiero where he affirms that the Sotuta district was destroyed by the uprising indigenous people in that armed movement, not being able to be saved from being abandoned by its owners.

Even today we can appreciate the colonial edifications that still adorn it, because its farmstead is still in use, without lacking the commodities of the XXI Century, having electricity (with its own transformer), access to a cellular phone line, well water with a watering pump, cattle bathing stalls with roof and other necessary implements for livestock farming, and to live in, it still has the main house in use composed of kitchen, bathroom, trophy room, office, a main room with a dinning living room area, main room, several terraces, storage rooms, outer homes for cowboys, swimming pool, gardens, arcades for exhibiting cattle, pens and play pens all with water, electricity and water vane.

– – – CARACTERISTICS – – – –

This beautiful property is optimal for diverse economical development:

Because of its extension the eco tourism activity can be combined since it has a water eye surrounded by vegetations where the herons and ducks take shelter in certain times of the year, controlled hunting and sowing various types of cultivation, growing in its natural state cocoyol palm, likewise, because of its livestock raising in it any type of cattle can be bread, since it has the required installations for this purpose, like a scale, artificial insemination station, pens, etc.

Because of its vegetation and unique geography in the State of Yucatan (it is located in a small valley) it is a great place for ecotourism projects, which may include Hotel installations, including such things as: Tourism Development, whit Bar, Pool, SPA, Convention Center, Cabanas, Tennis Courts, Golf field, Restaurants and an infinitive of suitable adaptable constructions to build a first level tourist complex.

Also, the extension of the ranch and geography can be taken advantage for the creation of a UMA (Spanish abbreviation for Units to handle the conservation and use of sustenance of wild life), since these can be established in small of big properties that may be co-ops, communal, federal, state-owned, municipal o private, without worrying about the type of title the land has. Among the Wild Sanctuaries are the intensive and extensive breeding, zoos, nursery and botanical gardens, since these units reproduce and propagate samples of flora and fauna; and products and sub products can be generated destined to diverse types of use; like controlled hunting trips with animals breed by the Unit, within the property, which is very attractive with the tourism and interest-yielding.

The property is only ten minutes from the archaeological zone of Chichen Itza, named as the New Wonder of the Modern World (New Seventh Wonder); also it is very close to the sacred Caves of Balankanche: (Approximately 4 km (2.5 mi) west of the Chichen Itza archaeological zone.

Near of the property are diverse Cenotes; additionally it is only ten minutes away from the New International Airport of Chichen Itza (Kahua), in operation now and because of its dimension and characteristics all kinds of airplanes can land, and ten minutes from the new Mayan culture interactive museum, the first of its kind in Mexico and will attract in the short term to 500 000 additional tourists to Yucatan.

This year especially, Chichen Itza is in the eyes of the world. Receive the largest number of tourists in history, thanks to all that is said of this year 2012 (end of an era and beginning of another) and just have to take all advertising, books, movies etc, about end of the world which attract tourists from around the world to here.

Do not waste a unique opportunity to do business or acquire a magnificent and well-located property.

Also remember that very near of the Hacienda will be the new fast train station that is to be built by the Federal Government for the easy communication of the main tourist attractions of the Yucatan Peninsula, as Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Chichen Iztá, Merida, Izamal and Progreso.

Chichen Iztá is only 3 hours flying from the U.S., think about how many people travel to Egypt to see pyramids, now think a more magical place than Egypt and only 3 hours from USA! think about the potential of the area!

Remember it is private property for more than 100 years, you are not at risk on the processing of special permits to build, or whatever you need.

Anything is possible at this property.

Other properties in the area are MUCH more expensive, NOT private property, NOT have constructions, do not have the required permissions to build, etc..

This property is ready to live it and also to suit your needs.

We hear offers!

Contact me for additional information, more pictures, planes, etc.. kio@meridayucatanrealestate.com

Price 950,000
Bedrooms 5
Bathrooms 5
Area Greater Merida Area
Property Map Carretera Federal 180, Yokdzonot, Yucatan, Mexico
Pool Yes
Agent Jim Mann
Listing Number 20763
Co-Agent Kio Rodriguez