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THE BEST LOCATION: TELCHAC – PLATINUM BEACH CERTIFICATE Telchac is considered one of the most attractive ports in Mexico, which has earned it the “Platinum Beach Certification” awarded to a select group of the best beaches in Mexico, they are distinguished by their scenic beauty, environmental excellence, safety, facilities, signage with relevant information about each beach and universal accessibility.

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The architectural design of this unique residence has been designed and built by an architectural firm with extensive experience in the Yucatan Peninsula and especially on the Yucatecan coast.
This exclusive project has been conceived with a contemporary Eco-friendly Architecture based on the incorporation of luxury materials and finishes, with design principles that make the most of ventilation, natural lighting, as well as the amazing views of the surrounding nature. On the other hand, the factor of construction maintenance over time has been considered, selecting materials that better resist saltpeter and corrosion; as well as the inclusion of an integral finish on walls based on the prestigious “KIMIKOLOR” chucum paste that eliminates the application of vinyl paint over time.

Total square meters: 317 m2
Concrete covered area: 243 m2
Area with walls, marble floor and pergola cover in hardwood and bamboo panels: 62 m2
Pool: 12 m2

AREAS of the Home:

– Living room, dining room and kitchen integrated into a large space
– Social terrace
– Pool and space for pool filter
– Terrace for grill area
– Half bath
– Washing area
– Closets for pumps, heater, stationary gas tank
– Covered garage
– The entire house has perimeter delimitation based on of block walls in the boundaries
with neighbors and with a wooden fence at the vehicular and pedestrian access that
faces the street.

– Master bedroom with integrated dressing room
– Balcony with pergola cover in hardwood and bamboo panels
– Bedroom 2 with balcony, walk-in closet and full bathroom

– Bedroom 3 with walk-in closet and full bathroom
– Rooftop gazebo with stainless steel bar and sink, wrought concrete room and planters
that complement this social area
– Hardwood Pergola Cover and Bamboo Panels
– The stairwell is roofed and closed up to viewing level.

* Granite countertops in kitchen and bathroom sinks
*“VERACRUZ” luxury travertine marble floors, polished finish in interiors, “aged” on terraces and balconies
*Elongated toilets with slow-closing lid and ceramic sinks from the prestigious INTERCERAMIC brand
*Pergolas on terraces, balconies and gazebos with tropical hardwood structure and bamboo panel cover
*Tempered glass as a partition or door in shower areas, as well as a railing on balconies
*Inclusion of stainless steel hammocks in various areas
*ARENCO brand floor in the outdoor area surrounding the pool, as well as on the grill terrace
*Door and frame carpentry in cedar wood and luxury tzalam plywood
*Access gate for car and pedestrian with individual doors made of cedar wood structure
*Dressed closets in bedrooms with compartments for drawers, shelves, hanging area,
cedar wood trunks and luxury tzalam strip
*Finishing on walls and ceilings (ceilings) based on two layers of mortar plus two layers of KIMIKOLOR brand integral paste
*Windows in 3” line and 70 line aluminum windows in dark bronze tone and Tintex glass, as
well as mosquito nets in dark bronze aluminum and fiberglass fabric
*Dark bronze aluminum louver doors and mosquito nets in pump closets, heater and stationary gas tank
*TECNOLITE brand indoor and outdoor luminaires
*In order to make the most of natural lighting, vitroblocks were included in various areas.
*Kitchen dressed with granite countertop and partners, as well as cedar wood cabinets, drawers and spice rack area and luxury tzalam slat, preparations for dishwasher installation and includes electric hood
*Preparation of PVC pipe for 4 mini-splits (social area and three bedrooms) or Cistern
under the laundry area with an approximate capacity of 4,000 liters
*Laundry area with preparation for washer and dryer
*Interceramic brand accessories and mirrors in the bathroom sink area
*Hydraulic equipment consisting of a water pressurization system with FRANKLIN brand subdrive, 103 liter CALOREX brand water heater and stationary water tank.
120 liter gas
*Blackwater treatment system based on an ecological vertical biodigester with a 600 liter capacity
*The roof slab includes BARI brand high-density polystyrene plates as thermal insulation.
*Pool with “chucum” finish, equipped with filter, underwater lighting, filling well, as well as drainage; It has a decorative wall forged in stone from the region, as well as a fountain with a water fall made of carved quarry stone.


​If you want to live in an eternal summer in Telchac Puerto, then this Exclusive Boutique Home is for you!

****This beautiful home is priced at 8,950,000 and must be purchased in Mexican Pesos only. The USD price will may with the exchange rate…


For more information contact Kio Rodriguez at 9992703301 or jimmann90@yahoo.com

Price 487,000
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 4
Area Telchac Puerto
Pool Yes
Agent Jim Mann
Listing Number 87180
Co-Agent Kio Rodriguez